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Kate Sweeney
Michael J. DeMeo
Auriane Defert
F[20] 5'7 and 124 lbs
(F) 19/120 pounds/5’7. Although I may seem quite confident in other subreddits, something I’ll never be able to shake is my “Buddha belly”. No matter how fit or toned I am, thanks to genetics I’ll always have wide hips and a wide tummy. Get cmts on it all the time and it drives me crazy
Ulrike Biets
Sunday Bentley Profile, 1963 by Sam Haskins
Maud Chalard
Clara Belleville
Sophie van der Perre
The Devil May Care (2015) by Aaron McElroy
F18, 96lbs, 5’0”...I am extremely insecure about my asymmetrical breasts, specifically the areola on my right breast and the shape difference of my boobs in general. I want to learn to love myself and this is probably a good place to start :)
Nymphet by Rita Lino
Nate Walton
Fatale Femmes (Petra Collins & Laura-Lynn Petrick)
Mike Spears
Snow Dark Finally by Anita Dadà
Viktor Vauthier
F/5'7/57kg/18 yes I know I have a bush lol